In addition to delivering and installing our own buildings we also move sheds both on property and on road from one property to another.

  • 1. Hauled by a pickup.
  • 2. Unloaded off the trailer.
  • 3. Positioned by a Mule (tool).
  • 4. Set on a level pad, or . . .
  • 5 . . . Leveled with cinder blocks.
  • 6. Ramp installed if applicable.
  • 7. Cupola installed if applicable.

Contact us for a quote on moving your shed. Send us your . . .

  • Name
  • Phone Number and Email
  • Width and Height of Shed
  • Address of Pickup
  • Address of Delivery
  • When you want the building moved
  • Anything else we should know such as fence, condition of yard, etc.

Please remember that all scheduling is weather permitting. 🙂

During normal business days we will respond within 24 hours.

The right tools for the job = your shed job done right.

Our shed moving rig consists of three major components: Heavy duty pickup, custom built shed trailer, and Mule V hydrostatic shed mover.

Our heavy duty pickup truck transports our tools, workers, and your shed safely and effectively providing dependable service.

Your shed loads, transports, and unloads on our custom built shed delivery trailer. It makes the haul safe and efficient.

Our sturdy custom manufactured trailer safely transports your building.

Our remotely controlled hydrostatic shed mover – known in the industry as the Mule V – blends precision and maneuverability into one concise package small enough to transport to every jobsite, while saving big on backs and time (and your yard). It’s two large drive tires, together with both dolly sets (on the opposite end of the shed) provide high flotation when the weather turns wet.

The right blend of precision and flotation to place the building where you want it.

Once in the yard we position the building in place. We recommend selecting a site that is as nearly level as possible and marking the four corners and the door placement with stakes or marking paint. You may provide a level pad to set the building on.

4. Set on a level pad, or . . .

We can also level buildings on cinder blocks and wood shims which we can provide for a charge. The more nearly level the site is the less blocks are needed for a level set. We then use handyman jacks, shovels, and a 4′ steel level to ensure that your building is firmly and accurately installed for years to come.

A shed set and leveled on cinder blocks. This ensures that the doors operate without binding and protects the longevity of the building.

If your building includes a ramp or cupola we will attach it after the unit has been leveled to complete the delivery and installation process.